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Spook™ Website Credits

This site has been made possible by the generous funding of The Bronx Council on the Arts through the Longwood Arts Project’s Digital Matrix Commissions Program. 



Spook™ Project Credits

Prototyping deliverables team 


Executive Producer/Director/Writer:  Kenseth Armstead

Pre-Producton & Production Advisors: Cynthia Madansky & Carl Skelton



Director Research:  Kenseth Armstead

Researcher:  John S. Salmon

User Researcher:  Wes Paisley


Production & Development.

As James Armistead Lafayette and Stunts:  David Chase & Jason Chase

Director of Photography:  Kenseth Armstead

Assistant Director/Key Grip:  Jason Chase

Director GUI development:  Leon Zinger

GUI A.I. Scripting:  Eugene Grybenko

GUI testing:  Jason Chase

Technical Development Consultant:  Daniel Krengiel

Technical Development Consultant:  Sean Ganzer