Eyebeam Art + Technology Center: SPOOK™: Establishing Shot: 2009


January - July 2009 I am artist in residence at Eyebeam.  I've been shooting footage for the film using the screenplay, "CITIZEN JAMES (Spook 1781)". The first test below, uses my students from NYU Poly to walk through a scene. We are producing a Proof of Concept for my "Open Source Casting" installation performance process.  The process allows anyone to walk onto the film set and become James Armistead Lafayette or George Washington depending what scene I'm shooting.


I've produced 5 "Open Source Casting" tests so far. The fourth test was filmed live, during an Open Studio event, which was really open to the public, May 15th & 16th, 2009, 3pm - 6pm on both days. The results are both chaotic and the beginning of a film / video process experience.